Keller House

Keller is a collaboration of education leaders committed to improving the school experience for modern children while specifically focusing on the quality of teaching and thinking in schools.

Keller exists to bring a climate change to the education eco-system, impacting the lives of millions of children, families and communities by providing a profitable, sustainable education methodology that ensures children develop the right skills for the new world of work and life.

Keller Education offers schools Professional Development packages which include termly, half year or full year options. Schools can be trained in a wide range of cutting edge methodology including Mind Brain Education Science, Mindful Thinking, and Emotional Intelligence, just to mention a few.

Keller Schools ongoing professional development includes:

  • Termly Webinars for staff
  • Parent Coaching
  • Teacher Training (Face to Face and Webinars)
  • Digital Media (Videos and Podcasts) with latest education research
  • International Best Practice summaries
  • In-Class Application Cards and Guidelines
  • Class Journals/Workbooks for students
  • Full Teacher’s Manuals
  • Monthly Edu-Mags
  • Teaching Material which embodies the chosen theme
  • Automated professional development points tracking system for SACE
  • Opportunity to collaborate with our Teacher Education Network
  • Novice Teacher Support
  • School Leadership Coaching

Keller Education – Experience the Change

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