All Things Earthly

All Things Earthly is your local ethical health store, offering clean, natural and locally grown produce; chemical- and preservative-free groceries; cruelty-free body care; and eco-household products. They cater for specialty diets such as plant-based, low carb, organic and gluten free, and the store team is equipped to assist you during every stage of your health journey.

Shelves are stocked with organic dairy products, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, healthy snacks, natural body products, healthcare, lunchbox goods, gifts, recipes, books and so much more. All goods are sourced locally as far as possible, while following a strict ingredients policy.

“As mothers, we feel an urgent responsibility to co-create a future in which our children and our planet can not only survive, but thrive. All Things Earthly is our mission.” – Diane and Talitha, Co-Founders