FaithJuice is easily the quaintest juice bar in SA. Picture a hobbit-like wendy house set in a garden wild with spinach, kale and herbs.

Headed by Joy Bromilow (a certified Natural Juice Therapy Practitioner), the friendly team is happy to offer assistance in choosing a healthy raw juice or smoothie. Look out for other offerings like smoothie bowls, warm oats, hot drinks, power shots and toast. They also run a cleanse programme throughout the year.

FaithJuice is committed to being as earth-friendly as possible. All drinks are served in donated glass jars. The juice pulp gets used for compost and all grey water goes into the garden.

Order takeaway or relax in the rustic greenhouse where you can draw an Oracle card, page through a magazine or colour in. Kids love to draw on the paving stones with their chunky chalk. If you’re extra lucky, you’ll meet Felix the juice bar cat.